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How Do you Become Marketing Manager
In one month or in one year of starting your job in the marketing field you cannot think of becoming marketing manager. To become manager in any field and in marketing also you need experienced of almost about 6 to 7 years in the same field. Without experience you can never get knowledge and the efficiency to take responsibility.

Marketing Manager is a position which has lot of power but as spider man says “with great power comes great responsibilities”, so you need to be capable of taking responsibilities of handling a team, clients, suppliers or vendors and also the management. All these things cannot be acquire in one two three years, dealing with people is an art, it requires skill, brain, strategies that can only be earned when you start from the grass root level. 

Just like we need to pass class 1 to go to class 2 similarly promotion from marketing executives to marketing managers take lot of hard work, dedication and persistency. 

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